Happy New Year

Happy Late New year!

2016 has been an okay year, but it has definitely not been the best.

Everything was going perfect at the start, Lily and I were going to pony club and even a couple of shows. We were jumping higher than ever before and I was feeling confident in my riding. But then we were forced to quit pony club, and due to the muddy ground I was not jumping much and we lost a lot of our confidence in jumping.

Then near the end of August I got something I had been dreaming of for five years… A horse float. But then my happiness was ended short when 3 days after one of my best friends, Mozzie, my Jack Russel that I have had since I was 8 months old, got put down. I was absolutely heartbroken.

For my Birthday I had saved some money, and my mum and I came to an agreement that she would pay for half of my riding lessons if I paid for the other half. So I found an instructor and began lessons with her, and so many things improved.

After so many disappointing days, in November was my first pony club rally at my new pony club. Lily and I attended a show jumping and dressage clinic in late December and Lily was an absolute dream. By the end of December Lily and I were confident in not only our jumping, but also our flatwork. 2016 has been challenging, I hated my school and I had so many problems to overcome in my horse riding. But overall I have learnt so much and I cannot wait to see what 2017 brings!

My 2017 goals are to continue jumping to our best all year round… Even in Winter. I would like to go to some competitions and perhaps get a placing. I would like Lily to stop being so stiff on the left rein and to hold her frame for longer on the flat. And I would really love to take Lily to the beach!



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