BPC Freshmans Showjumping 2017

On the 9th of April 2017, Lily and I had our first competition in over a year. I was not expecting much… not only was it our first competition in ages, Lily had been out of work for two weeks and it was our first ever 60cm course that wasn’t at home, let alone a 75cm course! I had also had a bit of a bad fall the day before that knocked my confidence a bit.

The morning of the show I was so excited, but the nerves really hit when I got up to my horses paddock and both of my psycho horses were galloping around the paddock bucking and slipping in the mud. The weather was horrible, there were thunderstorms the night before and it was incredibly wet and cold. After a lot of work we managed to catch Lily and she was trotted into the float as fast as possible. And then finally, we were on our way.

Getting there we were a bit late and we didn’t have time to walk the courses. Straight away I was on and we were being gear checked and then suddenly I was in the ring for our <30cm warm-up round.

I couldn’t have been happier with this round. Lily was so well behaved and took everything in her stride. Even over the little baby jumps she still put her heart in and tried her best. We went clear and I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face.

Next was our 60cm round.  I was a bit nervous and Lily could tell as she refused a few jumps, but I was still quite pleased with her.

We did another 60cm round and were almost clear apart from one jump in the combination, Lily went to refuse, but then she decided to jump it and we pretty much demolished the jump, so we did the whole combination again.

We did yet again, another 60cm round and I could not have been happier with Lily, clear and speedy! 🙂

So then we decided to do a 75cm round because we were there and why not? Lily has an incredible first half of the course, but after the combination she refused a few jumps. We also had a silly fall at the brick wall as I just quite couldn’t keep my balance and I slipped off the side, but we were fine and we did it again!

So we did the 75cm again and it was the best round of the day! It honestly felt amazing flying around that course! Only one silly refusal that was completely my fault as I didn’t go wide enough! She also went straight over the brick wall!

Overall I am so happy with Lily, it wasn’t the best preparation leading up to the show, but Lily still behaved a lot better than expected! A few years ago we went to a show that was really similar, and Lily behaved the same way except I couldn’t handle her, and the day was absolutely horrible. It really means a lot to me that we can come back to the same place and smash it having two clear rounds. But to anyone that is just starting competing, the key to good competitions is to stay positive and to look at the good that you did, not the bad!




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