LPC May Day Dressage and Showjumping

Lily and I attempted Dressage, and it is safe to say that the result was not pleasant! I’m glad I gave it a go though!
The competition ‘may’ have been a while ago… (20/5/17) but I really wanted to put a post up about it! I’m so proud of Lily and our efforts in the Showjumping, even if the dressage was more like ‘stressage’. 
When we arrived at the grounds I came to the realisation that my times might overlap, and I’m not going to go into the details but there was a stress, but eventually it was sorted.
When it came time for the Dressage I barely had a warm up, was extremely stresssed AND did the wrong test! Lily could sense the anxiety and became very tense, and we placed 13th out of 13 people!
Our other Dressage test was not much better, but I got some constructive feedback and I came =12th.
Showjumping was amazing, Lily was listening really well! We took it really slow, and we managed to get a clear round which I was stoked with! Then we went into the jump off, which was also clear! Only later did I found out I had 2 time penalties due to some of my own confusion with the rules, but I am so pleased with how Lily went! We just missed out on a ribbon placing 7th.
Overall I did have a good day with some good memories to look back on!